Die Erweiterung des Okuma MCR-A5CII-35×100 durch UNISIG ermöglicht die schnelle Bearbeitung komplexer Komponenten, die in unsere Präzisions-Tiefbohrmaschinen eingebaut werden. Das neue Bearbeitungszentrum

Das Double Column Machining Center erweitert die UNISIG-Funktionen

UNISIG’s addition of the Okuma MCR-A5CII-35×100 allows the rapid machining of complex components that go into our precision deep hole drilling machines. The new machining center is the largest double-column machine of its type in North America, and features multiple heads that allow processing on five sides with a single setup, resulting in time and cost savings in key machine components, while maintaining the highest standards of accuracy. To support the new Okuma machine, a Konecranes 50-ton crane has been installed, along with climate control technology.

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