Machines for Oil & Gas Applications

Oil field equipment such as downhole exploration components and drill collars have demanding tolerances and extreme depth-to-diameter ratios. UNISIG deep hole drilling machines are experienced in meeting these demands, and are in use at industry-leading manufacturers around the globe.

FInd machines for oil & gas applications

Downhill tooling, drill collars, exploration tools, and instrumentation are BTA drilled with precision on B-Series ballscrew machines.

Designed For:
  • BTA
  • Hole diameters up to 300 mm [12.0 in]
  • Hole depths up to 6,000 mm [20.0 ft]

For oil and gas components longer than 6m [20.0 ft], the B-Series Rack and Pinion machines maintain accuracy and precision, even at these extreme lengths.

Designed For:
  • BTA
  • Hole diameters up to 630 mm [25.0 in]
  • Hole depths up to 20,000 mm [65.5 ft]

The USK knee-type machines drill off-center applications, and are configurable with additional options for increased travels and accuracy.

Designed For:
  • Gundrilling
  • Hole Diameters up to 40 mm [1.57 in]
  • Round or Block Workpieces

The USC column-type machines handle larger workpieces with off-center BTA and gundrilling.

Designed For:
  • BTA
  • Hole Diameters up to 102 mm [4.00 in]
  • Block Workpieces

The UNX series is designed to meet the challenges of off-center holes with extreme depth-to-diameter ratios.

Designed For:
  • Gundrilling, BTA
  • Hole Diameters up to 50 mm [2.00 in]
  • Hole depths up to 10,000 mm [32.8 ft]
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