UNISIG facility


UNISIG was founded in 1981 to provide deep hole drilling machines, accessories and related services to the US market.  Early in its history, UNISIG established a reputation for strong deep hole drilling application support for customers in many different industries.

In 1995, UNISIG was acquired by Entrust Manufacturing Technologies, Inc. and relocated to their headquarters near Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Entrust invested heavily in the further development of UNISIG deep hole drilling machines and related products.  Everything was questioned and conventional limitations were challenged with a fresh perspective.  Strong engineering and manufacturing capabilities pushed the limits of what was possible in the industry.

This has resulted in a modern, comprehensive product line, focused on technology, performance and high standards of reliability demanded of precision machine tools.  UNISIG products are supported around the world, with installations in the Americas, Europe and Asia.

Through the combined history of Entrust and UNISIG, there is a common trend of steady growth, investment and innovation.  This has allowed us to build a strong organization able to support our customers with their most challenging projects.

Our History Timeline


John Korosec Entrust Founder

Entrust is founded as Entrust Tool and Design Co., Inc. by John Korosec in Menomonee Falls, Wisconsin.

Entrust produced specialized machines and provided contract manufacturing services


history of UNISIG

UNISIG is founded in Elgin, Illinois by Swiss Industrial Company (Schweizerische Industrie Gesellschaft “SIG”) and the US company United Technical to provide deep hole drilling equipment and technology to the US market


UNISIG history facility

First Entrust facility expansion increases assembly and machine shop capacity.


history of UNISIG

Entrust begins systems integration of CNC machinery and automation


UNISIG facility

Second major facility expansion required for large integrated system assembly.


Anthony Fettig UNISIG CEO

Current CEO Anthony Fettig joins Entrust’s engineering department.


UNISIG detail

Entrust acquires UNISIG brand as a product division of Entrust. UNISIG begins to redefine performance expectations in the deep hole drilling market.


Tanya Palmer Entrust President

Current president Tanya Palmer joins Entrust as Controller.


deep hole drilling global

Current management team put in place. A growth strategy is formed to include substantial international business as well as increasing sales in North American markets.

Growth continues through Asian and European sales.


gundrilling machine for sale

UNISIG Express delivery program established to radically reduce lead time on high performance BTA machines and durable tooling


UNISIG manufacturing technology

Commitment by shareholders for future significant investment.


UNISIG manufacturing facility

Third facility expansion includes 50 ton cranes and a 12 meter [42 ft] high bay assembly.


UNISIG GmbH Announcement

Entrust changes name to Entrust Manufacturing Technologies, Inc. to identify product development and investment direction.

German subsidiary UNISIG GmbH is founded to service European markets.


automation for rifle machine

UNISIG tech center created for advanced deep hole drilling prototype services


UNISIG manufacturing investment in machining

Major investments in facilities, machine tools and technology to increase capabilities for large size and close tolerance manufacturing of critical components.


deep hole drilling machine technology

Continuing investments in staff, manufacturing technology, and product development improve our enterprise

1995 – 2015

Celebrating 20 years of continuous investment in research and development of the products and technologies that establish UNISIG as a globally recognized leader in the deep hole drilling industry. Hundreds of machines installed across many industries –Automotive, Mold, Defense, Oil and Gas, Energy, Aerospace and Medical. Supported installations in North America, Europe and Asia.

gundrilling machine with table
landing gear strut drilling
deep hole drilling center detail
bta drilling machine
column bta machine
angled drilling machining for molds
bta deep hole drilling machine
machines for mold industry
unisig machine