Custom Machines

In the case UNISIG’s broad range of standard products may not offer the perfect fit for your needs, we are happy to engineer a custom solution that provides the same high standards of performance, service, and documentation as our industry-leading ready-made technologies.

UNISIG offers the following custom machining options:

Workholding Fixtures

Get production-ready processes based on standard machines to quickly initiate your deep hole drilling application. These fixture packages include automatic clamping, part present sensors, part programming, process drawings and documentation.

Secondary Operations

Eliminate part handling or entire machines from a manufacturing cell through the integration of cross hole drilling, deburring or conventional machining modules with deep hole drilling automation. More operations incorporated into one machine reduces stacked errors and machining cycle times.

Workpiece-Driven Custom Equipment

For high-volume production of highly complex parts, UNISIG will design a completely custom machine. Save time and effort by bringing the machines to the part.

In-line Transfer Machines

Integrate servo-driven gantry systems and shuttle devices to increase flexibility in dedicated, high-volume production systems. Use in-process gauging and intelligent machining methods to drill entire families of parts on a single machine.

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