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What is Deep Hole Drilling?

Learn what deep hole drilling is, when it’s used, and capabilities across applications.

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During EASTEC 2023, visitors to UNISIG booth 1117 will learn how automation takes deep hole drilling machine efficiency and productivity to new levels. Company experts will be on hand to discuss how engineered automation is routinely included in deep hole drilling machine cells and can be machine mounted or used to combine multiple machines or operations.

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MSI Mold Builders (MSI) of Cedar Rapids, Iowa, and Greenville, South Carolina, specializes in designing and building large-tonnage prototype and production molds for use in the …

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For small diameter gundrilling, our UNE6-2i machine allows manufacturers to maintain tolerances while taking advantage of two independent spindles. Designed for what's typically medical applications, parts can be drilled easily from each end, for accuracy without sacrificing productivity or floor space.
gundrill grinder
The complete gundrill grinding solution to re-sharpen your gundrills consists of the grinder, a universal holder for gundrill tools, a digital camera, measuring software, a computer and monitor. The system is base plate mounted for tabletop or cart use.

As appeared on Cutting Tool Engineering on 11/7/2021

By Anthony Fettig, CEO of UNISIG

At every stage of manufacturing, there is an opportunity for automation. Unfortunately, many manufactures often let …

UNISIG's production cell integrates our UNE 2-spindle gundrilling machine and UNR 2-spindle reaming machine with robotic automation. The cell leads into our R-2A rifling machine for steady, repeatable rifle barrel blank manufacturing at high production.
Before UNISIG, fully automated barrel production was only possible for the largest firearm OEMs. Now, UNISIG has opened the door for small to mid-sized as well as very large manufacturers by developing scalable barrel production cells, designed for productivity and reliability.