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UNISIG B-Series deep hole drilling machines are capable of drilling to depths of 100 x diameter or greater. But with BTA drill tubes as long as 30 feet spinning at high RPMs, vibration is an inevitable side-effect which can derail the hole concentricity and degrade the surface finish – or worse.
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MENOMONEE FALLS, Wis., June 28, 2023 – UNISIG, a global manufacturer of deep hole drilling machines, has invested $1.5 million in state-of-the-art technology and equipment for the company’s newly constructed …

During EASTEC 2023, visitors to UNISIG booth 1117 will learn how automation takes deep hole drilling machine efficiency and productivity to new levels. Company experts will be on hand to discuss how engineered automation is routinely included in deep hole drilling machine cells and can be machine mounted or used to combine multiple machines or operations.

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MSI Mold Builders (MSI) of Cedar Rapids, Iowa, and Greenville, South Carolina, specializes in designing and building large-tonnage prototype and production molds for use in the …

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UNX-CP machines from UNISIG are designed to meet the challenges of off-center holes with extreme depth to diameter ratios. Cartesian and Polar positioning [CP] are combined with advanced motion control to achieve the highest accuracy in small diameter deep hole drilling. Programmable off-center continuous counter-rotation improves hole concentricity, even at depth to diameter ratios of 375:1.
Increased precision and production - our UNISIG UNE6-2i-750-CR gundrilling machine featuring in-machine automation with a dual-gripper for rapid part exchange. Reduce the time spindles are not drilling with the dual-gripper head, robot makes fewer trips back and forth to retrieve parts and exchanges parts while other spindle drills. The dual-gripper opens possibilities for dual layer pallets, increased run time, dual workpiece program cycles, and workpiece lengths up to 300mm (12in) without the need for gripper changeover.
The next evolution of automation, this UNISIG UNE6-2i-750-CR Gundrilling Machine is optimized with more advanced features to boost the dual spindles up-time, producing more parts, faster, increasing throughput. In-machine automation coupled with a part staging station as well as front and rear loading collet chucks form the trifecta of production efficiency.