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deep hole drilling example
What is Deep Hole Drilling?

Learn what deep hole drilling is, when it’s used, and capabilities across applications.

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For small diameter gundrilling, our UNE6-2i machine allows manufacturers to maintain tolerances while taking advantage of two independent spindles. Designed for what's typically medical applications, parts can be drilled easily from each end, for accuracy without sacrificing productivity or floor space.
gundrill grinder

The complete gundrill grinding solution to re-sharpen your gundrills consists of the grinder, a universal holder for gundrill tools, a digital camera, measuring software, a computer and monitor. The system …

Seamless automation brings together multi-spindle gundrilling, reaming, and rifling machines for unprecedented barrel manufacturing capabilities, in the most advanced cell of its kind.
The S500-13M machine skives and burnishes with accuracy, even in long oil & gas industry parts such as this.
fastest gundrilling machine
UNISIG's 4-Spindle UNI25HD gundrilling machine supports modern, high-feed tooling with increased feed rates, power, and thrust, empowering deep hole drilling customers to maximize the potential of the overall process.
View our customer, Ryerson, discuss their business case for bringing deep hole drilling directly into their facility, and the impact it has on the parts they offer their customers.
Off-center automated drilling machine
Production deep hole drilling can seem complicated for manufacturers with multiple off-center holes, in multiple part families. UNISIG's UNI machine uses smart fixturing, seamlessly integrated automation, and X-Y positioning to manage this process, while upholding standards of both production and accuracy.
Off and on center deep hole drilling
UNISIG's USK machine uses X-Y positioning to deep hole drill precision off-center holes with accuracy and ease. Intuitive operation allows the machine to handle complex drilled parts when accuracy can not be compromised.
Aerospace Cylinder with Internal Profile
Components such as helicopter rotors and landing gear actuators require internal profiles within deep holes, a challenging process that is further complicated as it is deep within a bore.
robotic automation for drilling machine
UNISIG introduced a solution that would consolidate multiple gundrilling machines into a UNI25HD multi-spindle machine, replacing several decades-old pieces of equipment to free up floor space,
semi auto production gun manufacturing cell
UNISIG's automated rifle barrel cell quickly and accurately produces rifle barrel blanks, using robotic automation for maximum production. Watch as barrels are gundrilled, reamed, and ready for rifling.
skiving and burnishing machine
Watch as the S600 machine enables the skiving and roller burnishing process, for finishing of hydraulic cylinders at high production rates.