Machines for Defense

Precision drilling of military armaments requires machines that can handle long, heavy workpieces with reliability and accuracy. From smaller precision armaments to heavy duty cannon components, UNISIG deep hole drilling machines are able to meet the high standards of precision demanded by these applications.

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On-center drilling of smaller, round workpieces is ideal for smaller barrels and defense components.

Designed For:
  • Gundrilling
  • Hole diameters up to 20 mm [0.80 in]
  • Hole depths up to 1.500 mm [59.1 in]

UNI series machines perform precision barrel drilling at higher production rates, often combined with automation solutions for high volume armament manufacturing.

Designed For:
  • Gundrilling, BTA
  • Hole diameters up to 50 mm [2.00 in]
  • Hole depths up to 3,000 mm [120.0 in]

On-center BTA drilling of round workpieces up to 10 m [32.0 ft] and more in length, with the accuracy needed for military drilling applications.

Designed For:
  • BTA
  • Hole diameters up to 300 mm [12.0 in]
  • Hole depths up to 10,000 mm [32.0 ft] and more

On-center BTA drilling for longer workpieces, with the ability to hold straightness and roundness tolerances even at extreme lengths.

Designed For:
  • BTA
  • Hole diameters up to 630 mm [25.0 in]
  • Hole depths up to 20,000 mm [65.5 ft]

UNR reaming machines remove material from drilled barrel blanks, meeting roundness and surface finish requirements of accurate barrels.

Designed For:
  • Reaming
  • Barrel calibers from .17 – .50
  • Firearms and defense industries

Servo-driven rifling machines use button rifling tools and crown cutters to put precision rifle grooves down the length of barrel blanks and cannon barrels.

Designed for:
  • Rifling
  • Barrel calibers from .17 – 200 mm
  • Firearms and defense industries

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