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deep hole drilling example
What is Deep Hole Drilling?

Learn what deep hole drilling is, when it’s used, and capabilities across applications.

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UNISIG's production cell integrates our UNE 2-spindle gundrilling machine and UNR 2-spindle reaming machine with robotic automation. The cell leads into our R-2A rifling machine for steady, repeatable rifle barrel blank manufacturing at high production.
rifled custom barrels
Match Grade Machine, a specialty manufacturer of standard and custom single shot rifle and pistol barrels, stands out in their industry for their exceptional accuracy and attention to detail, complimented with a proven record for fast delivery to customers' hands.
Off-center automated drilling machine
For deep-hole drilling, part-handling might be the most visible automation element, but it’s not necessarily the most impactful. Often, it’s internal process automation that yields the most significant results even with a manually loaded drilling machine.
Across every industry, manufacturers are working to meet growing customer demand in a globally competitive market.
Moldmaking Technology Magazine highlighted Concours Mold Inc.'s investment into UNISIG's USC-M50, and two USC-M38 machines. Concours highlights the reduction of several other machines on their floor
The future of the auto industry is interesting but uncertain. No one knows how quickly electric vehicles are going to replace gasoline- and diesel-powered vehicles, how completely it will happen
rotating deep hole drilling workpiece
Picture yourself facing knee surgery, under the care of a skilled orthopedic surgeon. Precision instruments, state-of-the-art monitoring equipment, and decades of experience
Like their peers in the manufacturing sector, many deep hole drilling machine OEMs rely on commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) controls or reuse systems from other machine tool platforms they produce.
Anthony Fettig, UNISIG CEO discusses deep hole drilling tooling
UNISIG's CEO Anthony Fettig was featured on , discussing high-feed gundrilling, and the relationship between deep hole drilling systems and the tooling technology that is available.
large diameter deep hole drilling
Shop Metalworking Technology recently featured updated technology in the new B850 model of rack-and-pinion deep hole drilling machine
UNISIG drilling and machining mold machine
UNISIG's USC-M series is featured on American Machinist's list of 10 New Ideas for Machine Shops. The gallery highlights the benefits of combining multiple axes, and drilling and machining
production deep hole drilling
Mention deep-hole drilling, and most people think only gundrilling machines for processing gun barrels. But the fact is that deep-hole drilling applies to a much wider array of workpieces