Oil dripping from deep hole drilling tool

Cutting Oil for Deep Hole Drilling

UNISIG 67CF and 79CF are low viscosity, high performance deep hole drilling oils for use when drilling aluminum, carbon steel, alloy steel, stainless steel, super alloy, and exotic materials.

These oils contain a synergized fatty additive that has proven itself far superior to previous fatty oil technology. These premium oils have a combination of active sulfur and wetting agents that provide excellent extreme pressure properties when cutting, gun drilling, deep hole drilling, and high performance machining in tough materials.

UNISIG uses these Chlorine Free cutting oils in our Tech Center, and for machine testing and workpiece prototyping, to continuously improve the deep hole drilling process.


Extreme Pressure (EP) additives promote drilling performance in a variety of materials

  • Improved penetration rates
  • Extended tool life
  • Exceptional bore finish

Oil is blended from new base materials (not recycled) for a consistent product

  • Minimized misting characteristics
  • Reduced carry off with chips
  • Targeted viscosity for gundrilling and BTA deep hole drilling applications

Chlorine Free for reduced disposal cost and environmental factors



Application: Gundrill/BTA
Viscosity 100° F | 38° C:  65 SUS | 11.8 cSt


Application: BTA
Viscosity 100° F | 38° C: 80 SUS | 15.6 cSt

Full specifications and Safety Data Sheets are available upon request

Order deep hole drilling oil directly from UNISIG. Cutting oil is blended exclusively for UNISIG. Oils are shipped direct from the manufacturer.