Gundrill Durable Tooling

Durable tooling for gundrilling machines is essential for precision deep hole drilling in smaller diameter applications. Gundrill durable tooling includes components such as tool presetters and driver systems, whip guide assemblies, and bushing systems. Tooling contributes to the extremely round, straight holes produced by the gundrilling process.

Tooling works with the overall gundrilling machine system to hold and align cutting tools for straight, accurate, and efficient drilling. Gundrill durable tooling is chosen based on the finished hole size, and is easily switched out of the machine for efficient setups and size changeovers.

Durable tooling is engineered and manufactured in UNISIG’s facility following ISO and DIN standards, with the use of premium bearings. Custom engineered products are also available for unique applications. Tooling may be quoted as part of a machine system package, or as individual components.

Some machine models may be available with BTA and gundrill changeover in one machine.

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Gundrill Presetting Screw and Seal

This tooling component set works to both seal the coolant passage, and allow length adjustment of the gundrill without changing the tool offset.

Gundrill Drivers and Collets

Industry standard gundrill drivers and collets work to center and secure the tool to the spindle, ensuring a reliable and accurate drilling process.

Whip Guide Adapters

Whip guide adapters are inserted into the whip guide carriage on the machine, and support the tool and reduce whip for maximum straightness in drilling. Adapters are designed to fit standard whip guide inserts.

Whip Guide Inserts

Whip guide inserts support the drill and seal the chipbox. Standard inserts are available for the complete range of gundrill sizes, and assemble into standard whip guide adapters.

Driver Extensions

Driver extensions allow shorter gundrills to be used on machines without sacrificing accuracy. Easier access, and faster drill changeovers contribute to higher productivity.

Bushing Holders

A durable gundrill bushing holder assembles into the chip box and holds inserts, contacting the workpiece and ensuring a clean, straight start to the drill cycle.

Bushing Inserts

Inserts fit in the bushing holder and are critical components for gundrilling straight holes with minimal drift. Inserts are manufactured to size standards, and press fit into the holder.

Gundrill durable tooling works as part of a system with deep hole drilling machines and gun drills.

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