loading automation for drilling machine

Machine Automation

Machine automation is designed and built into deep hole drilling systems to increase productivity in BTA or gundrilling. These automation capabilities are integrated components, engineered from the start to function integrally with the rest of the system.

UNISIG is experienced in developing automation solutions for deep hole drilling machines and CNC machining cells. We will closely consider your application, tolerance and production requirements, facility, and budget in developing an ideal solution.

automated gundrilling multi spindle machine

Programmable Smart Conveyor

Conveyor systems bring parts to and from machines, and are a simple option to extend the value of an automation investment. Conveyor fed systems can also be used to queue odd shaped components and to take advantage of pallet systems to improve part transfer throughout a facility.

loading automation for drilling machine

Walking Beam Loading

Shaft components are frequently handled with walking beam automation to productively service multiple spindles. Walking beam automation allows part staging and drilling to happen simultaneously, dramatically increasing throughput.

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