Our Manufacturing Process

UNISIG designs rigid, accurate machine structures that are then tested with the latest technologies available. Seamless integration of electrical and mechanical systems makes machines smarter and easier to use. We design systems from the ground up to facilitate easy maintenance as well as to be compatible with new generations of tools as they are developed.

We develop durable tooling and automation along with deep hole drilling machines to create an integrated system that is easy to use. Combined with a high level of customer service and training, you’ll be drilling with ease in no time.

Our teams of engineers create tailored products for our customers’ individualized needs. Mechanical engineers create specialized machine options and fully custom machines. Electrical engineers and software developers make advanced process monitoring systems and adaptive controls. Process engineers make difficult applications easier. We also offer geometry development and application testing for cutting tools as well as standard and custom-designed workholding fixtures for customers that include full documentation and inspection reports. For our customers with the greatest need for customization, we produce turn-key and collaborative systems.