Effective Medical Instrument Gundrilling

Most conventional machine tool OEMs can help medical manufacturers produce highly complex and precise components such as surgical implants and tools. However, only an experienced and capable gundrilling machine OEM with a deep understanding of the challenges of stringent medical part drilling requirements can supply a truly effective solution.

For today’s medical parts, UNISIG makes impossible holes possible with reliable, highly productive and automated gundrilling processes. Such solutions allow medical manufacturers to overcome the challenges of medical parts and meet demands for higher volumes and cost reductions, while they also improve part quality and ease the pressures of labor issues where there’s either not enough of it or it costs more.

Our combination of integrated solutions and technical expertise cures your medical gundrilling headaches and allows you to produce very difficult holes, especially when dealing with:

  • Small holes with extreme depth-to-diameter ratios and tight tolerances
  • Difficult materials such as stainless steel, Inconel® and titanium
  • Thin-walled parts
  • Irregular OD parts that require multi-step operations

Not just any gundrilling system provider can drill the impossible hole. It takes a commitment to research, continuous improvement and collaboration. In fact, having an OEM to collaborate with you to solve complex problems can give you the confidence to incorporate gundrilling into your medical part production and use it to its full potential.

Once up and running, your in-house gundrilling capabilities will eliminate the hassles and extended lead times associated with outsourcing this work. Plus, when paired with Swiss-style turning machine cells often used in medical part production, in-house gundrilling will help improve throughput.

Overcoming the challenges of gundrilling medical parts is only half the battle. The other half requires continuous, reliable precision for thousands upon thousands of parts – and for the entire life of your gundrilling machine. At UNISIG, we consistently achieve those tight tolerances with our UNE6 series machines engineered with the utmost precision in mind, our specialized workholding for medical instruments and intelligent machine controls.

Well-targeted automation solutions can further enhance the benefits of gundrilling, especially in terms of process consistency and stability while also increasing the output of existing workforces. For many medical shops, automation is a game changer – and can provide the means for survival against the competition as well as a sustainable path to growth and profitability.

UNISIG’s automation-ready gundrilling machine design ensures a solid foundation for reliable, process-wide automation. Additionally, flexible workholding configurations such as our lantern chuck and other peripheral components make robotic integration even easier for medical gundrilling applications.

While automation helps ease labor issues, today’s medical part manufacturers still face numerous challenges, from stiff competition and constantly increasing production demands to cost control. However, drilling deep holes in tough medical components is one industry challenge that is forever improved thanks to UNISIG, a company that makes drilling the impossible holes possible.

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