UNISIG’s BTA Changeover Tool

UNISIG’s BTA Changeover Tool is designed to reduce the time and effort required to change essential durable tooling components such as the master bushing. The changeover tool is durable and easy to use on BTA deep hole drilling machines.

The design allows for adjustability to mount to most common durable tooling components and sizes, and a weight-balanced and crane-ready design for ease of use.

Watch the video to learn more and see it in use on UNISIG’s B-Series machine.

Integrated Automation: Video Spotlight

Automation in deep hole drilling machines goes far beyond just robots. Automated capabilities are commonly included in machines to empower manufacturers to achieve ideal production flows, to reduce manual part and tool handling, and to maintain superior accuracy standards in drilled workpieces.

Automation is commonly integrated into deep hole drilling machines, working in part with the entire system to enhance capabilities while providing a seamless and ergonomic experience for operators. UNISIG works with each customer’s application demands to create a solution that optimizes their production and specification goals, resulting in a machine system that brings confidence to their manufacturing.