Gundrilling Machines and Automation

Whether you’re in the medical, moldmaking, automotive or aerospace industries, we showed you the UNISIG technologies that will allow you to generate extremely challenging deep holes with outstanding precision coupled with the production output and process reliability of full automation.

Thank You for Visiting UNISIG at IMTS 2022.

We make complex processes simple

Gundrilling extremely precise workpieces for the medical industry is difficult without the right machines, tools and process. The UNISIG UNE6 series machines make it possible and reliable.

At IMTS, we highlighted medical production on the UNE6-2i that featured two independent high-speed spindles for production of 10″ or 30″ maximum part lengths and available integrated automation onboard. The machine’s high accuracy allows it to drill the extreme, supporting hole diameters from 0.03-0.25″ (0.8 mm-6 mm) and depth-to-diameter ratios from 20:1 to more than 100:1 in workpieces up to 11 lb (5 kg). With 28,000 rpm total drilling speed and a 3,000 psi (207 bar) flow-based coolant system, the UNE6-2i combines exceptional process control with an intuitive smart control interface.

Automation Solutions for Every Industry that Meet Your Unique Needs

In addition to medical manufacturing, UNISIG application engineers and technical staff were available to discuss comprehensive machine tooling and automation solutions for customers in the aerospace, automotive, energy, firearms, hydraulics, defense, oil and gas and moldmaking industries as well.


UNISIG provides deep hole drilling machines to produce critical components in engine manufacturing, power transmission, airframe and landing gear


High volume deep hole drilling machines are used by industry-leading automotive manufacturers to meet demands of production and accuracy.


Energy components such as heat exchanger tube sheets and large turbine shafts are drilled on UNISIG deep hole drilling machines, meeting demands for accuracy and efficiency.


UNISIG offers individual gundrilling, reaming, and rifling machines used to make rifle and pistol barrels of unsurpassed precision, with the reliability expected from modern manufacturing technology.


UNISIG’s line for skiving machines has been developed to meet the needs of hydraulic cylinder manufacturers.


From smaller precision armaments to heavy duty cannon components, UNISIG deep hole drilling machines are able to meet the high standards of precision demanded for the defense industry.

Oil & Gas

UNISIG deep hole drilling machines are experienced in meeting demanding tolerances and extreme depth-to-diameter ratios required for oil field equipment.


Unmatched milling and gundrilling performance for mold makers for fewer setups and higher productivity.