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Aerospace Cylinder with Internal Profile

Bottle Boring for Deep Profiles | Video

Components such as helicopter rotors and landing gear actuators require internal profiles within deep holes, a challenging process that is further complicated as it is deep within a bore.

Watch the video to follow the bottle boring process become a reality.

Deep hole machining handles this challenge at any depth, made possible by UNISIG’s B-Series BTA equipped deep hole drilling machines, with integrated technology for reliable internal contouring through the bottle boring process.

Bottle boring cuts the contour with a CNC actuated cutting tool, controlled with precision through an integrated machine actuator and capable CNC interface on the machine. The tool pilots off a pre-bore which is also drilled on the same UNISIG machine, allowing these internal profiles to be achieved at any depth.

UNISIG’s experience in engineering allows challenging applications such as these to become familiar, repeatable, and accurate.

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