UNISIG Bottle Boring For the Deep Inside Jobs

Machining complex contours inside a drilled hole at any appreciable depth is extremely difficult, and, in some applications impossible. Instead of shops having to attempt to generate such contours with a boring bar that ultimately results in excessive chatter and loss of accuracy, UNISIG has systemized the entire process with its B-Series deep hole drilling machines, bottle boring tooling, CNC control and engineering to ensure a reliable and productive way to successfully produce those deep internal contours that were otherwise thought to be impossible.

The UNISIG process utilizes a Boring and Trepanning Association (BTA) drill to counterbore a highly accurate pilot bore, which is used to support a bottle boring or chamber boring tool. Much like a Swiss-style machine concept, the workpiece and the tool are both supported for rigidity and accuracy. Bottle boring uses CNC actuated axes to then expand and contract the bottle boring tool’s cutting surfaces to create an internal profile with chip-forward discharge to eliminate tool breakage.

UNISIG B-Series machines combine powerful drilling and precise contouring in one machine tool platform that also includes preloaded drive systems, dynamic spindle control and X-axis servo-driven tool actuators. Internal profiles can be programmed in much the same way as external contours using programming similar to conventional turning centers or CAM programs. Built-in process monitoring and data table to manage tool dimension and wear offsets further ensure accuracy.

The B-Series reliability makes bottle boring deep holes a durable process regardless of the depth of the bore. Whether boring holes three feet or thirty feet, the process is repeatable and productive. UNISIG B-Series deep hole drilling machines series are available for bottle boring holes from 2 inches to over 16 inches in a wide variety of materials, including stainless steel and exotic alloys such as Inconel.

UNISIG’s bottle boring technology opens entirely new areas for design engineers to explore in a broad range of industries. Critical machined features for aviation and aerospace landing gear, oil and gas production and hydraulic smart valving and actuators previously thought too difficult to machine can now be produced on a single machine.

The burgeoning electric vehicle (EV) industry also continues to push the boundaries of design and innovation in its quest for lighter components and weight reduction for high-acceleration and torque. The production of high-speed, high-efficiency power trains, electric motor components and rotor shafts will also prove potential candidates for bottle boring with UNISIG B-Series machines.

To learn more, contact UNISIG about its B-Series machines and bottle boring capabilities.

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